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Confidently check “Marketing Strategy” off your to-do list.

in just 8 hours with my VIP Growth Marketing Experience

Does thinking about your marketing strategy stress you TF out?

It may be because no matter what you try you’re…​

  • seeing sluggish sales. No matter how much you refresh Stripe the sales just aren’t there 

  • hopping on every marketing trend (#RIPClubhouse) that YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and podcast gurus mention

  • looking to other brands for inspiration and end up copying their content, but can't copy their results


Unknown and overlooked

Being known as the Beyonce of your industry thanks to consistent, clear messaging

Slow & inconsistent sales 

Predictable revenue and explosive profits

Burnout & exhaustion 

A easy-to-implement marketing plan designed for rest & ease 

No roadmap to success 

A comprehensive marketing strategy

(customized based on your data, your customers and your services) 

Choose your pricing plan

  • 2,000$
    Payment Plan
    Valid for 3 months
  • Best Value
    Valid for 52 weeks
The VIP Day Experience Includes:

  • Up to 8 Hour In-Person so you can meet your CMO

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy designed specifically for your brand

  • 12 Month Marketing & Offer Plans to know exactly what to do over the next year

  • Campaign Development to get the most out of your ad dollars and reach all of your brand goals

  • CEO Dashboard & KPI Tracker to know exactly where you to & monitor your metrics

  • 90 Days Support via Email & Slack so you’re supported every step of the way 

  • 30, 60 & 90-day Check-In Meetings to keep you energized and focused after your VIP Day experience

Here’s what you can expect when you book:

Here’s what you can expect when you book:

Step 1: Pre-Work

You’ll tell me about the current state of your business, how you want it to evolve and plus, some details about you!

Step 2: Kick Off Call

We'll meet before the VIP day to review your pre-work and align on your dream marketing strategy.

Step 3: VIP Day

An in-person or virtual meetup, this is our time to visualize, brainstorm and plan your marketing from beginning to end (equipped with my giant post-it notes) in eight hours.

Step 4: Delivery


You’ll have a comprehensive marketing strategy delivered to your inbox within 10 days of our VIP Day. This will include 12 months of campaigns, offers and action plans.

Step 5: Continued Check-Ins

I'll be your trusted advisor via email and/or Slack. Get rapid responses to your questions and have the opportunity to schedule three follow-up calls over the next 90 days.

Let me take marketing off your hands with a custom 
VIP Day Experience.

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