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Corporate Consulting

For Founders, C-Suite Executives and corporate teams to evolve their marketing strategy to positively impact ROI for years to come.

Years ago, you could budget a large portion of your revenue to a single campaign, and it would drive results for the rest of the year. Times have changed, and you must prioritize with your audience, strategize with your team and optimize with an expert.

Tara Paton Co. is a marketing consulting firm that partners with CPG, retail and tech companies at any stage of growth. Our focus is to build custom-fit solutions that build brand awareness, drive acquisition and retain customers that maximize results. 

Here’s what we do.

  • Produce creative, integrated and data-focused campaigns.

  • Craft activations, on and offline that connect with your consumer’s needs, wants and habits.

  • Structure your marketing strategy to become a long-lasting tool to capture attention, convert and retain customers.

  • Empower CEOs to learn best practices and establish a solid marketing foundation to drive results. 


We’re your perfect partners if you want to increase revenue, improve conversion rates, see retention rates climb, and generate million-dollar ideas that connect directly to your bottom line results. 

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