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  • Should I schedule a VIP Day or join Positioned to Profit?
    Hmmmm. That’s a good question. Truth be told, only you know the answer to this question. I’d love to support you in making the best decision for your business. Schedule a consultation call to see how you should work with me! Schedule Now > (link to applicable page)
  • When does Positioned to Profit open?
    It’s open all year round and you can enroll at any time. Click here to join us inside!
  • I’d love to be a guest on your podcast. Are you accepting pitches?
    Absolutely! Fill out the form above and let me know what marketing, money, mindset or life gems you can share. (Link to podcast submission form here: want to embed use this link here:
  • Are you available to speak at my next event?
    I sure hope so. Learn more about my signature speaking topics and reach out on my Speaking Page.
  • Are you available for corporate consulting?
    Yes, you can learn more on my Corporate Consulting Page.

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Take your pick between a Strategy Session, Accelerator or VIP day, I’ll take it from there…

90 Minute

Strategy Session

Got questions? I got answers. Schedule a strategy session to gain clarity on doubling your revenue.


VIP Intensive

Confidently check “marketing strategy” off your to-do list in a day with this hands-on marketing intensive.

Positioned to Profit Marketing Course

Go from inconsistent revenue to stress-free strategies & more profits with this program designed to double your revenue.

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